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Dear colleagues,

An undergraduate has asked me to teach an independent study on Korean women 
and gender in the 20th century. Suggestions would be very welcome for 
readings. I am looking in particularly for readings that discuss the 
transition from the Chosun dynasty to the colonial period and into the 
post-war period and its impact on women; a book or article that discusses 
some aspect of women's lives and gender during the colonial period; and a 
book or article that specifically discusses feminism and women's activism 
in Korea. An article on women in North Korea would also be most useful. If 
colleagues would care to share syllabi, that would also be most 
appreciated. This area is not my specialty, but it's hard to refuse the 
entreaties of an earnest undergrad with nowhere else to turn.

FYI, some of the books I am currently considering are:

Dangerous women
Ed. Elaine Kim and Chungmoo Choi

Under  Construction: the Gendering of Modernity, Class, and Consumption in 
the Republic
of Korea
By Laurel Kendall

Getting Married in Korea
By Laurel Kendall

Melodrama of Mobility; Women, Talk and Class in Contemporary South Korea
By Nancy Abelmann

Class Struggle or Family Struggle?: the Lives of Women Factor Workers in 
South Korea
By Seung-Kyung Kim

They are Not Machines:  Korean Women Workers and their Fight for Democratic 
Unionism in the 1970s
By Chun Soonok (Sept. 2003, Ashgate Publishing)

Something on Comfort Women: the George Hicks book?

Sex between Allies
By Katherine Moon

And of couse, comments on the books above would also be welcome, 
particularly if they are about how well they work in the classroom.


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