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There are three English-language scholarly articles on women in North 
Korea that I am aware of: Jon Halliday, "Women in North Korea," Bulletin 
of Concerned Asian Scholar 17, no. 3 (1985);  Choi Hyang Son, "Women's 
Status in the DPRK," East Asia Review no. 3 (March 1999); and Sonia 
Ryang, "Gender in Oblivion: Women in the DPRK," Journal of Asian and 
African Studies 35. 3 (2000).


Yuh Ji-Yeon wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> An undergraduate has asked me to teach an independent study on Korean 
> women and gender in the 20th century. Suggestions would be very 
> welcome for readings. I am looking in particularly for readings that 
> discuss the transition from the Chosun dynasty to the colonial period 
> and into the post-war period and its impact on women; a book or 
> article that discusses some aspect of women's lives and gender during 
> the colonial period; and a book or article that specifically discusses 
> feminism and women's activism in Korea. An article on women in North 
> Korea would also be most useful. If colleagues would care to share 
> syllabi, that would also be most appreciated. This area is not my 
> specialty, but it's hard to refuse the entreaties of an earnest 
> undergrad with nowhere else to turn.
> FYI, some of the books I am currently considering are:
> Dangerous women
> Ed. Elaine Kim and Chungmoo Choi
> Under  Construction: the Gendering of Modernity, Class, and 
> Consumption in the Republic
> of Korea
> By Laurel Kendall
> Getting Married in Korea
> By Laurel Kendall
> Melodrama of Mobility; Women, Talk and Class in Contemporary South Korea
> By Nancy Abelmann
> Class Struggle or Family Struggle?: the Lives of Women Factor Workers 
> in South Korea
> By Seung-Kyung Kim
> They are Not Machines:  Korean Women Workers and their Fight for 
> Democratic Trade
> Unionism in the 1970s
> By Chun Soonok (Sept. 2003, Ashgate Publishing)
> Something on Comfort Women: the George Hicks book?
> Sex between Allies
> By Katherine Moon
> And of couse, comments on the books above would also be welcome, 
> particularly if they are about how well they work in the classroom.
> Best,
> Ji-Yeon
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