[KS] romanization absolutism

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From: Charles Muller <cmuller-lst at em-net.ne.jp>
Subject: Re: [KS] romanization absolutism
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 21:15

Stefan Ewing wrote:
> I must admit to not fully appreciating the strength and versatility of the 
> Yale system until precisely the moment of discovering that anything I write 
> in Han'gu^l/Hangeul or Hancha/Hanja shows up here on the KS list as 
> indecipherable gobbledygook!
> (That goes for the McC.-R. diacritics too, evidently, as we have now all 
> discovered.  A key to my last post: ŏ denotes o^, while ŭ denotes 
> u^.)

Present-day technology in both ocal mailer and listserve
apparatus easily supports diacritics, even without HTML. We now
regularly post messages with all kinds of international scripts on
diacritics on H-Buddhism, and H-Net simply uses the standard ListServ

Generally, two conditions are necessary: 

(1) The header of the listserv program has to be set to preserve
    encodings -- if possible, as Unicode (utf-8).

(2) Your local email program needs to be set to send and receive in
    utf-8 as default. Most major e-mailers, including Outlook, Outlook
    Express, Thunderbird and other Mozilla derivates, as well as
    virtually all recent Linux-based mailers such as Evolution, support this. Eudora does
    not, and generally, all forms of webmail (including Yahoo mail,
    Hotmail, etc.) do not. 

The header of your message indicates that you sent your message via
    Hotmail, which will not properly preserve diacritics. 

To test the encoding settings of the KS Mail list, I'll add a few
odd characters and diacritics below (these will normally go through on
H-Net's listserve).

Chŏng Tojŏn 정도전 鄭道傳 

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