[KS] NK school system

Rüdiger Frank rfrank at koreanstudies.de
Thu Jun 23 02:44:34 EDT 2005

Dear colleagues,

thee brief questions on the North Korean school system (in particular 

(1) As far as I know, grading is currently done as in Russia, i.e., five 
grades with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest. Is it true that in 
the past, there were 10 grades instead of 5? If so, when was that system 

(2) The revolutionary deeds and revolutionary history of Kim Il-sung are 
the first subjects to appear on a school report card. When did this start? 
Currently, the revolutionary deeds and history of Kim Jong-il are listed on 
second place on the school report card. When was this subject introduced 
into the regular curriculum? Presumably after 1980, but this is a pretty 
rough estimate...

(3) The same question for the revolutionary history of Kim Chòng-suk.

I am grateful for any hints. I am looking forard to meeting many of you in 
Sheffield, all the best


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