[KS] The Romanization Discussion

John McGuire wiredsquiremcguire at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 28 23:06:38 EDT 2005

Up until June 19, I had been reading with some interest the discussion on 
this list concerning the Romanization of the Korean language. The last 
message that I received in that thread came from Prof. Lee Sang-Oak, who 
suggested (if I understand him correctly) that the system was changed in 
2000 partly because a Mr. Oh, in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, "was 
very eager to obtain some new achievement to be promoted." Given the costs 
and trouble involved in changing a system of transliteration, it is 
astonishing, if true, that the change would have been motivated, even in 
part, by one man's career ambitions. What is more astonishing, however, is 
the silence on this list following Prof. Lee's message. Did the discussion 
really die or was it moved off of this list?

John McGuire

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