[KS] Korean Teledramas

Charles Mark Mueller bul2mun at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 1 16:27:31 EST 2005

I would agree wholeheartedly with the suggestion that more attention be
paid to Korean tele-dramas. I think it's unfortunate that people
sometimes refer to this genre as "Korean soaps" as this term conjures
up memories of the mindless pabulum served up on U.S. TV. Personally, I
think Korean teledramas are often superior to the films coming out of
Hollywood. They have deep and complex character development,
sound-tracks (often created for the particular show) that stand on
their own as good pieces of music, and excellent dialog that often
entails complex inuendo and humor. The shows also lack obvert
sexuality, and as a result, focus on telling good stories instead of
providing sexual titillation for porn addicts. 

They also deal with class and social issues that are oddly taboo in the
U.S. To this, one could add that the casting is strikingly progressive.
On a couple shows now, I've seen handicapped characters playing parts
in which the handicap never appeared as an issue. I'm favorably
impressed with much of what I see on Korean TV.

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