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Let's face it, there are not that many stories or plot twists in all of human interaction.  Unfortunately for us, we have grown accustomed to ever increasing pandering to our sense of excitement by our movies and TV shows and we are addicted to that excitement high.  Theater, TV, etc., can only have so many stories, so many types of interactions in 22 or 44 minutes chunks.  What really matters, I believe, is how fully the characters are drawn, how tightly the plots are woven, and how well the characters are executed by the actors.  It is the performance that matters most to me--a good plot and good lines are just the vehicle for the performance--the exceution of the director's vision through the sets, acting, pacing, etc., is where the show rises or falls, IMHO.  The boy gets girl, or boy loses girl (or boy, etc.) or even horse, are all the same old human plots--how well they are performed is where the interest lies for me.
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