[KS] Films dealing with the Colonial Period

caprio caprio at rikkyo.ne.jp
Fri Nov 4 23:13:03 EST 2005

A movie that deals with colonial issues, even
though it takes place in the future, is 
"2008 endless memories" (I believe this is the title).
It starts with An's failure to assassinate Ito Hirobumi and
imagines how Seoul (scenes taken from Shinjuku, Tokyo I believe)
would be under Japanese rule in the year 2008.  A lot of
discussion on the history of Japanese rule.  In the end
the hero (I forget his name but he starts as a member of the Japanese
police force before he joins the underground anti-Japanese
movement) goes back in time to make sure that An completes his

Mark Caprio
Rikkyo University

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> Dear Membes of the Korean Studies discussion list:  I would appreciate any 
> suggestions about Korean films dealing with the colonial period that portray 
> Korean interpretations about the period.  I would be most interested in 
> knowing the titles of films that have English subtitles.
> Best
> Rick McBride
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