[KS] Films dealing with the Colonial Period

Jennifer Jung-Kim jenniferjungkim at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 19:53:37 EST 2005

Hi, Rick and others.
 Although _YMCA Baseball_ takes place in 1905, I think the colonial issues
come through clearly.
 The film is a consistent hit among my non-Korean students. Many of the
scenes are about the sport of baseball, so it's easy to understand. Also,
the dialogue is easy to follow even with subtitles. And there are enough
lighthearted scenes to keep the audience interested.
 At the same time, issues of Japanese authority, Korean resistance, and
collaboration are readily apparent in the film.
 Although I'm sure others will post many suggestions for more artistic,
meaningful films, I found this one especially effective for a lower-division
Korean history course. It has wide appeal and usually gets students
interested in watching more Korean films.
 Jennifer Jung-Kim
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