[KS] Inquiry regarding Edward Grant Meade

Frank Joseph Shulman fshulman at umd.edu
Sat Nov 5 19:20:29 EST 2005

Dear Korean Studies list member,

Edward Grant Meade (born in 1914) served with the military government in Korea in the mid-1940s and for at least part of that time was stationed in Cholla-namdo.  Following his return to the United States, he completed his studies for the Ph.D. degree in political science at the University of Pennsylvania (in 1949) with a dissertation entitled "A Military Government Experiment in Korea".  This was subsequently published under the title "American Military Government in Korea" (New York: King's Crown Press, Columbia University, 1951) and as "Chuhan mi kunjong yon'gu" (Soul: Kongdongch'e, 1993).

In order to complete the bibliographical entry that I have prepared for Dr. Meade's dissertation, I am seeking the following information:

(1) Name of the supervisor or director of Dr. Meade's dissertation (The University of Pennsylvania Archives has not been able to supply his or her name)

(2) Dr. Meade's position in South Cholla Province (Did he serve as a Civil Affairs officer?)

(4) If Dr. Meade is still alive (he would now be in his early 90s), his current address

(3) If he is no longer alive, the year of his death

Whatever information you can provide will be most appreciated!

Frank Joseph Shulman
Bibliographer, Editor and Consultant for Reference Publications in Asian Studies
E-mail: fshulman at umd.edu

November 5, 20052

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