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Adding to Stephen's suggestion, /Chang'gunUi adUl/ is also noteworthy  
for its brief but wonderful depiction of a pyOnsa (live narrator of  
film--or what I call a "movieteller") performance. As the screening  
of (a reconstruction of) the film /Kuk'kyOng/ begins, the  
energetically declaiming male pyOnsa is shown giving narrative  
background and then impersonations of several characters in rapid  
succession, including a young woman. This excerpt never fails to  
fascinate and entertain students--and I have used it in courses  
ranging from introductions to Korean civilization to graduate-level  
multimedia writing workshops.

There are other reconstructed films with a pyOnsa soundtrack-- 
sometimes taken from old 78 rpm recordings--as well as documentaries  
about the "majimak pyOnsa" Shin Ch'ul, who has performed in the US  
several times over the last few years, but /Chang'gun/  faithfully  
recreates the whole moviegoing, theater, and performance setting.  
Unfortunately, pyOnsa scenes are not included in any of the sequels.

-- Walter K. Lew

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> I don't think anybody has yet mentioned Im Kwon-taek's fast-paced  
> "ChanggunUi adUl" (The General's Son), which is an action film set  
> in the '30s.  It's an entertaining movie, but for me the star is  
> the set design which vividly recreates Seoul during the occupation  
> (not that I can personally vouch for its authenticity....). I think  
> ti would go down well in the classroom and provide a lot of  
> amterial for discussion. The film has a sequel as well "ChanggunUi  
> adUl 2."
> Btw, I believe that the film mentioned below is in fact "2009: Lost  
> Memories."
> Stephen

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