[KS] Films dealing with the Colonial Period

Cedar Bough Saeji umyang at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 12:13:09 EST 2005

I can't think of many films set in that time period, though I have seen
quite a bit of live theatre that addresses the Colonial Era. It might be
interesting to discuss --why-- the theatre troupes are willing to get into
these sticky issues over and over again, but most movie directors don't. I
may have some old (Korean) programs from some of these shows around here,
but searching on the Internet might be best if you wanted to get a feel for
it. I can remember at least a half dozen on this theme I've seen, I'm not a
big theater goer and until a year ago I didn't even live in Seoul.
  If you were after history of the Park administration, the film "Hyojadong
Yibalsa" (효자동 이발사) was quite beautiful and well acted.
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