[KS] Unyang Kim lineage website (Kim Yong-gu)

Stefan Ewing sa_ewing at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 8 18:35:31 EST 2005

Dear Professor Lee:

My apologies in advance if you have already found the following websites.

Your best bet would appear to be the "Unyang Kim" blog at Naver Cafe: 
http://cafe.naver.com/unyangkim.cafe.  There seems to be a fair bit of 
information in the "Taejonghoe"/"Daejonghoe" section:

The main, presumably "official" website for Unyang Kim appears to be 
unyangkim.or.kr (as returned by both Naver and Google); whenever I try 
accessing any pages on that site, however, I get a "page cannot be 
displayed" error message.

There is also a brief history of the clan here: 
http://insan.org/eonkimsa.htm.  The page includes biographical sketches of a 
number of famous Unyang Kims, but Kim Yonggu is not listed among them.

Sorry I couldn't be of greater help, but I would strongly recommend checking 
out the Naver Cafe site, as there does appear to be quite a bit of material 

Yours sincerely,
Stefan Ewing


>From: Professor Junghee Lee <dilj at pdx.edu>
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>To: Korean Studies Discussion List <Koreanstudies at koreaweb.ws>
>Subject: [KS] Unyang Kim lineage website (Kim Yong-gu)
>Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 23:10:56 -0800
>Dear colleagues:
>I am looking for the website for Unyang Kim lineage.
>I am looking for information about Manhoedang Kim Yonggu.
>Could anyone help me?
>Thank you for your attention.
>Best wishes,
>Junghee Lee
>Department of Art
>Portland State University
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>Portland, OR  97207-0751, USA
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