[KS] Unyang Kim lineage website (Kim Yong-gu)

Samuel Henderson samueljhenderson at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 20:59:40 EST 2005


The Unyang Kim lineage website was at http://www.unyangkim.or.kr.  At
this writing, it is not active.   Unfortunately, Archive.org was
unable to spider the page correctly, so there is no way to retrieve
its content.

A search of Naver reveals that the main branch of the Unyang Kim
Association is at   서울특별시 강북구 미아동 218-1 (Seoul Teukbyeolsi Gangbuk-gu
Mia-dong 218-1)  , tel. 02-989-3031 .

Hope that helps!

I couldn't find anything online to suggest that Manhoedang was of
Unyang Kim extraction -- is that the case?  Just curious.


Sam Henderson
Busan, South Korea

On 11/8/05, Professor Junghee Lee <dilj at pdx.edu> wrote:
> Dear colleagues:
> I am looking for the website for Unyang Kim lineage.
> I am looking for information about Manhoedang Kim Yonggu.
> Could anyone help me?
> Thank you for your attention.
> Best wishes,
> Junghee Lee
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> Portland State University
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