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Jim Hoare
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November : BAKS 10

      To: Jim Hoare
      From; Susan Pares
      Subject: BAKS 10
      Date: 7 November 2005

      The British Association for Korean Studies announces the publication of BAKS 10, the latest volume in its series of Papers. The contents are listed below:

      James Dator and Yongseok Seo

      Korea as the wave of a future: the emerging Dream Society of icons and aesthetic experience 

      (2004 BAKS Study day, Keynote address)

      Ruediger Frank

      The past and the future of industrial policy in telecommunications: a comparative analysis of South Korea and Japan 

      (2004 BAKS Study day)

      Thomas Cieslik

      High tech made by North Korea: communication technology in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and its impact on society 

      (2004 BAKS Study day)

      Okkyoung J. Kim

      Methodological issues in the use of internet material: from a study on women's internet communication and gobugaldeung in Korea 

      (2004 BAKS Study day)

      Kyongwon Yoon

      Domesticating communication technologies in Korean families (Extra paper)

      Jiyoon Lee

      In the eye of the hurricane of change: Korean contemporary art of the new millennium (illustrated) 

      (2004 BAKS Study day)

      Joanna Elfving-Hwang

      The improper desire for knowledge: de-gendering curiosity in contemporary Korean women's literature 

      (2004 JEAS Conference)

      Hyun-Key Kim Hogarth 

      Eschatology and folk religions in Korean society 

      (2004 JEAS Conference)

      Inok Paek

      Music of the fatherland: the North Korean soundscape in the construction of Chongryun identity in Japan (illustrated)

      (2004 JEAS Conference)

      Alon Levkowitz

      Where is the king buried? Legitimacy struggles on the Korean peninsula 

      (2004 JEAS Conference)

      Young Mi Kim

      Coalition theories and the dynamics of coalition party politics in Japan and the Republic of Korea 

      (2004 JEAS Conference)

      Owen Miller

      The Myônjujôn: a silk merchants' guild in late Chosôn Korea' 

      (2004 JEAS Conference)

      Vladimir Tikhonov

      Fascinating and dangerous: Japan in Korea's Enlightenment thought in the 1900s

      (2004 JEAS Conference)

      Huh Dong Hyun

      Korean perceptions of Japan during the modern reform period (1876-1910)

      (2004 JEAS Conference)

      Choi Deok-Soo

      Chosôn perceptions of the world as reflected in the Korean-British Treaty of

      1882 (extra paper)

      Kim Yunhee

      Pro-Japanese economic alliance theories during the period of the Taehan empire

      (2004 JEAS Conference)

      Pp. vi + 288. Colour plates, tables, figs. Paperback. £19.95. ISBN 1 872588 16 6. ISSN 0965 1942. Available from BBR Academic Bookshop at:


      BAKS members may purchase at discounted prices. 


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