[KS] New Collaborative Weblog for Korean History

Konrad Mitchell Lawson kmlawson at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Nov 9 01:48:26 EST 2005

Hello everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that there is a new Korean history group  
weblog to be found at:


This weblog is both for a general and academic audience and its  
authors are all graduate students or professors working on East Asian  
history.  We will be expanding our roster of contributors over the  
next few weeks.  Postings will broadly relate to the study of Korean  
history but there will also be transnational and interdisciplinary  
postings.   You can find a more detailed introduction to the project  
and its goals here:


This is the third and newest multilingual academic group "blogs"  
being hosted at Froginawell.net.  Frog in a Well has also recently  
started a bi-monthly  "Asian History Carnival" which compiles  
excellent weblog postings from around the web related to Asian history.

The Korean history weblog has two major goals: 1) To share research,  
useful resources, and promote discussion between students and  
scholars studying Korean history, especially between those in Korea  
and those active elsewhere.  Comments (which are moderated) to  
postings are welcome in either Korean or English.  2) To promote the  
use of weblogs as a productive medium of communication and  
publication in the academic world.  We believe that projects like  
this will not only be useful to our peers but help us reach and  
interact with wider audiences who share our interest in East Asian  

The RSS feed for the new site can be found at:

Questions about the project may be directed to:
frog AT froginawell DOT net

K. M. Lawson

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