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James B. Lewis jay.lewis at oriental-institute.oxford.ac.uk
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Dear Rick,

Why be so exclusive to North America? I assume you know about:

Lee, Hyangjin. Contemporary Korean cinema: identity, culture and
politics. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2000.

Jay Lewis
caprio wrote:

>Dear Rick, 
>Sharon Hayashi who is (I believe) is still teaching at McGill University
>has done some research on how Koreans are shown in Japanese films,
>primarily during the prewar years.
>Mark E. Caprio
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>>Dear Discussion Group Members:  Aside from David James of USC and Kyung Hyun 
>>Kim at UCI are there any other professors who specialize or have specialized 
>>in Korean film and cinema in North American academia?
>>Rick McBride
>>Washington University in St. Louis
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