[KS] Querry: specialists in Korean cinema

Matty Wegehaupt omatty at umich.edu
Sun Nov 13 18:15:51 EST 2005

Any discussion of Korean film study would be lacking without mention of 
KIM Soyoung.  As the head of the Department of Cinema Studies in the 
School of Film and Multimedia at the Korean National University of the 
Arts, she stands out not only as a scholar providing challenging 
theoretical analyses of Korean film but also as a successful film maker 
and feminist activist in her own right.  Her impact extends also to the 
numerous women she has instructed who are now working in various roles 
(directors, producers) within the modern Korean film industry.

She serves as chief editor of Trans: Journal of Visual Culture Studies, 
and editorial collective member for Inter-Asia Cultural Studies and 
Traces: A multilingual Journal of Cultural Theory and Translation.  Her 
books include Specters of Modernity: Fantastic Korean Cinema; Kim 
Soyoung's Film Reviews; Cinema: Blue Flower in the Land of Technology.  
She served as editor of Cine-Feminism: Reading popular Cinema.  Her 
film works include Koryu: Southern Women and South Korea, along with 
other short films made for a women filmmakers' collective.  Her recent 
film project, Women's History Trilogy, is available with English 
subtitles on DVD.

m. wegehaupt
u. michigan

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