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Wed Nov 16 00:43:26 EST 2005

Dear Colleagues,

The Chousenshi Kenkyuukai has published issue no. 43 (2005) of its annual
journal, "Chousenshi kenkyuukai ronbunshuu". Below is the table of
contents as translated into English. All articles are in Japanese.

Kitajima Manji. "Hideyoshi's Invasion of Korea and the Surrender of
Japanese Troops: Leaders and Commoners"

Iguchi Kazuki. "The Russo-Japanese War in the East Asian World, Focusing
on the View from Korea"

Kuwano Eiji. "Confucianism and the State in 15th Century Korea from the
Perspective of New Year's Day and Winter Solstice Rituals at the Royal
Court, Focusing on the Performance of Rituals of Obeisance toward Ming
China during the Reign of the YOnsangun"

Yamaguchi Kouichi. "Shrine Policies and the Management of Religion in
Colonial Korea, Focusing on the Period of 'Cultural Rule'"

Sassa Mitsuaki. "The Creation of Korean National Identity by the Exiled
Diaspora, Focusing on the Taejong-gyo's Impact on the Korean Provisional
Government Movement"

Sakai Hiromi. "Operation of the Korean-Chinese Regulations for Maritime
and Overland Trade before the Kapsin Coup, Focusing on Relevant Articles
and the Yanghuajin Port Entry Issue"

Homma Chikage. "The Invitation and Employment ofJapanese Teachers at
Korean Primary Schools (Futsuu Gakkou) before and after 'Annexation'"

Ogawara Hiroyuki. "The Ilchinhoe's Petition Movement for Japanese-Korean
Confederation and Korean Annexation: The 'Confederation' Concept, the
Principle of the Emperor System State, and How They Clashed"

Ken Robinson

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