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In South Korea, common people use 6.25(yuk-e-o) sabyeon or dongran.
Sabeyon or dongran has very negative meaning, which is started by enemy or a rebel. Another case to use sabyeon is Eulmi sabyeon in 1895, when Queen Min was assasinated by Japanese. 

Nowadays South Korean scholars prefer 6.25 jeonjaeng(war) or the Korean War. 

North Koreans generally use Liberation War for Motherland(Joguk haebang jeonjaeng) and War for Protection of Motherland(Joguk bowui jeonjaeng). It is becasue they believe that the U.S. attacked North first in June 25, 1950, even though it is not true. In North Korea there is a museum to celebrate their victory, entitled Museum for Liberation War for Motherland. 

Tae Gyun Park
GSIS, Seoul National University
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> I'm an art history graduate student writing a thesis which includes works that 
> feature the Korean War.  During one of my advising meetings with Dr. 
> Bettleheim, she raised an interesting question that she wants me to find an 
> answer to:  What do Koreans call the Korean War?  Do North Koreans refer to 
> this war as the Korean War?
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