[KS] Korean War (other terms)

Jim Hoare jim at jhoare10.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Nov 17 09:09:14 EST 2005

In the DPRK, Fatherland was the normal term. I never heard anybody use 
Motherland, of the Korean War or, indeed, in any other context.

Jim Hoare
(British representative in Pyongyang 2001-2002)
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> This is a minor point, but interesting nonetheless for those pursuing 
> metaphors of nation and such:
>> North Koreans generally use Liberation War for Motherland(Joguk haebang 
>> jeonjaeng) and War for Protection of Motherland(Joguk bowui jeonjaeng).
> Don't the North Koreans actually translate cokwuk as "fatherland" in 
> English and not _mother_-land?
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