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What a fun topic!

If the student can read Korean, then there are numerous primary and
secondary sources she can consult.  My focus is on the colonial period, so
these sources do not cover the entire period of interest to the student.

Also, I'd recommend that the student consult newspapers and magazines as
there were countless articles about attire -- explaining the latest
fashions, how to sew them, and how to keep them clean.  Some of the articles
from women's magazines are compiled in:

Yi Hwa-hyŏng and others, editors. *Han'guk kŭndae yŏsŏng ŭi ilsang munhwa*.
Vol. 3: *Poksik*. Seoul: Kukhak charyowŏn, 2004.

As for secondary sources in English, the most helpful is:

Lynn, Hyung Gu. "Fashioning Modernity: Changing Meanings of Clothing in
Colonial Korea." *Journal of International and Area Studies* 11, no. 3
(2004): 75-93.

In Korean, I'd recommend the following secondary sources:

Kim Chin-song. *Hyŏndaesŏng ŭi hyŏngsŏng: Sŏul e ttansŭhol ŭl hŏhara*. Seoul:
Hyŏnsil munhwa yŏn'gu, 2003.

Kim Kyŏng-il. *Yŏsŏng ŭi kŭndae, kŭndae ŭi yŏsŏng*. Seoul: P'urŭn yŏksa,

Kim Su-jin. "'Sin yǒsǒng,' yǒllyǒ innǔn kwagǒ, mǒjǒ innǔn hyǒnjaerossǒ ǔi
yǒksa ssǔgi." *Yǒsǒng kwa sahoe* 11 (2000): 6-45.

Kim Yǒng-dǒk and others. *Han'guk yǒsǒngsa: Kaehwagi-1945*. Seoul: Ihwa Yŏja
Taehakkyo, 1972.

Kwŏn Podŭrae. *Yŏnae ŭi sidae: 1920-nyŏndae ch'oban ŭi munhwa wa yuhaeng*.
Seoul: Hyŏnsil munhwa yŏn'gu, 2003.

Mun Ok-p'yo and others. *Sin* *yŏsŏng: Han'guk kwa Ilbon ŭi kŭndae
yŏsŏngsang*. Seoul: Ch'ŏngnyŏnsa, 2003.

Sin Myŏng-jik. *Modŏn ppoi, Kyŏngsŏng ŭl kŏnilda: Manmun manhwa ro ponŭn
kŭndae ŭi ŏlgul*. Seoul: Hyŏnsil munhwa yŏn'gu, 2003.

T'ae Hye-suk and others. *Han'guk ŭi singminji kŭndae wa yŏsŏng konggan*.
Seoul: Yŏiyŏn, 2004.

Yŏsŏngsa yŏn'gu moim Kilbak sesang. *20-segi yǒsǒng sakǒn sa: **kŭndae
yŏsŏng kyoyuk ŭi sijak esŏ saibŏ p'eminijŭm kkaji*. Seoul: Yǒsǒng sinmunsa,

I hope these provide a good starting point for her.

Jennifer Jung-Kim

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>  Dear colleagues,
> A friend of mine has a Korean student who is affiliated with the London
> College of Fashion and has just begun working on the project 'Reframing
> Fashion in Non-Western Contexts: Material Culture of Hanbok and
> Representation of Western Dress in Korean Modern Fashion 1876-1950s'. Do you
> know of any research in this area, or have other suggestions as for whom the
> student might contact for advice?
> Thanks in advance.
> Katarzyna
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