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Dear Katarzyna and other interested colleagues,

In response to your inquiry, you may wish to contact Dr. Sunae Park Evans, Senior Costume Conservator, Preservation Services, National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C. 20560, U.S.A.

Summary information regarding Dr. Evan's career and expertise can be found at the following WWW site:


The following is the draft of the bibliographical entry for her dissertation that I have prepared for publication in my forthcoming 13,300-entry reference work, "A Century of Doctoral Dissertations on Korea: An Annotated Bibliography of Studies in Western Languages, 1903-2000, with an Appendix of Dissertations Completed in 2001-2004":

PARK, Sunae  [EVANS, Sunae Park].
Reactions of Korean Women Who Adopted Western-Style Dress in the Acculturation Period of 1945-1962: An Oral History.  University of North Carolina at Greensboro [United States], 1988 (Ph.D. in Clothing and Textiles).  Chairperson/Major Adviser: Billie G. Oakland and Patricia Campbell Warner.  viii, 132p.  DAI [Dissertation Abstracts International] 50, no.8 (Feb. 1990): 3432-B; UM [University Microfilms International / ProQuest (Ann Arbor, Michigan) order number] 8921287.
Park interviewed twenty-four Korean women in the United States who had been born between the 1910s and the 1930s in an effort to address the following questions: "Why, after wearing traditional clothing for hundreds of years, do most Korean women now wear Western-style dress?  When did this change begin?  Were they pleased or embarrassed to wear Western-style dress?  Did anyone directly influence their clothing choices and, if so, were they family members?  What were their sources of Western-style dress?  Were there problems of size, color or proportion in wearing Western-style dress?  Finally, to what extent do Korean women still wear traditional clothing and under what circumstances"?  Her study focused on the reactions of these women to Western-style dress, as viewed through the anthropological concept of acculturation".
Contents: 1. Introduction.  2. Methodology.  3. Review of Related Literature.  4. Cultural Aspects of Korean Women.  5. Oral Histories.  6. Summary.  7. Conclusions and Discussions.  10 figures.  1 table.  Bibliography: pp.110-16.  Appendikces [A-C]: pp.117-32.
Related thesis: "Trends of Fashion Cycles from 1960 to 1984", by Sunae Park. M.S. thesis in Textiles, Clothing, and Design, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 1985. vii, 157p.

I do NOT have Dr. Evans' e-mail address available at this time, but I may be able to obtain it sometime in the weeks ahead.  Please contact me privately if you wish me to share it with you.  Please also note that I have not made any effort to track down journal-length articles that Dr. Evans may have published.  There may be one or more publications in this format available that would begin to respond to your information needs.

With best wishes,

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November 24, 2005

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>   Dear colleagues,
>   A friend of mine has a Korean student who is
>   affiliated with the London College of Fashion and
>   has just begun working on the project 'Reframing
>   Fashion in Non-Western Contexts: Material Culture of
>   Hanbok and Representation of Western Dress in Korean
>   Modern Fashion 1876-1950s'. Do you know of any
>   research in this area, or have other suggestions as
>   for whom the student might contact for advice?
>   Thanks in advance.
>   Katarzyna
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