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I recently came across a brief article in a May 14th, 1936 _Japan Weekly Chronicle_  titled "Will Wear Japanese Clothes: Koreans to Discard Their Characteristic Attire" that explains that the 205,000 Koreans in Osaka were going to gradually do away with their Korean clothes to promote closer ties between Japanese and Koreans. While not much, I thought it may be something interesting.

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>   Dear colleagues,
>   A friend of mine has a Korean student who is
>   affiliated with the London College of Fashion and
>   has just begun working on the project 'Reframing
>   Fashion in Non-Western Contexts: Material Culture of
>   Hanbok and Representation of Western Dress in Korean
>   Modern Fashion 1876-1950s'. Do you know of any
>   research in this area, or have other suggestions as
>   for whom the student might contact for advice?
>   Thanks in advance.
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