[KS] List of published literary translations

Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Wed Oct 5 04:06:02 EDT 2005

I am grateful to those who have written to me with corrections and additions to the list. I would like to 
take the list back to the year 2000, but find very little published in the years before 2002. I have added 
what I know of, and would be most grateful for help in completing that early section of the list. I am 
limiting the list to poetry, fiction and drama, because I really do not have the time to expand it to cover 
all the other types of publication that Frankfurt especially is bringing out of the woodwork. Perhaps 
someone else . . .? Again, the URL is http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/TranslationList.htm

Thank you in advance

Br Anthony
Sogang University, Seoul, Korea

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