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Samuel Henderson samueljhenderson at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 21:43:54 EDT 2005

Just to clarify, since I can't get the hangul to display using any encoding
-- the word in question is "mo-peul," (모플) right? Which in the
McCune-Reischauer system would be "mo-p'ul" (with a short u)?

I haven't found anything that looks like an answer (short for
"mobilization"?), but I just want to check that I'm looking for the right


Sam Henderson

On 10/19/05, Suzy Kim <suzyk at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Dear list members,
>  I've run into a term in my research which has puzzled me and I wondered
> if anyone knew what it refers to. It's a Korean transliteration of either an
> English or German (maybe even Russian?) word I'm guessing - "¸ðÇÃ" (mopeul)
> - and it seems to be referencing some kind of a movement, perhaps a workers'
> movement?
>  Thanks in advance for your help,
> suzy
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