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Alain.Delissen at ehess.fr Alain.Delissen at ehess.fr
Wed Oct 26 23:44:03 EDT 2005

Dear Michael, Dear Members,

1) Among a collection of thin yet highly informative, intelligent and
readable books that features a dozen titles on Korean modern Pop Culture,
- Cheong Chunyeong's _T'ellebijeon pogi -- sich'eong-eseo pip'yeong-euro_
-Kim Yeongjin's _Yeonghwa-ga yongmanghaneun keotteul_.

With short witty chapters on specific Korean TV drama and movies not (too)
marred by Film studies parlance and good insights into Korean social
issues both are easily (?) readable for advanced students in Korean
The collection is 'Ch'aek sesang mun'go-uri sidae' at Ch'aek sesang-sa.

2) Although in Korean only, _Yeongung sidae_ (after _Yain sidae_ last
year) is now available in DVD at MBC. It is certainly a Must for people
like you and me interested in the popular representation of Korean
incipient, urban modernity.

3) I also suggest that anyone working on these issues take some time while
being in South Korea to pay a visit to the studio where these series were
shot. Called 'Yain sidae set'eujang', it is located in Incheon and makes a
great experience: 1930s and 1950s Chongno-Ch'eonggyech'eon-Kogane
(Eulchiro)all surrounded by a tidal wave of Apat'eu...

Alain Delissen
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)
Center for Korean Studies

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