[KS] film/drama class suggestions

michael Robinson robime at indiana.edu
Wed Oct 26 16:01:49 EDT 2005

Dear Members:
I am also developing a course on Contemporary Korean Society and Film. 
Choosing films is less a problem than the dearth of materials in print and 
these often film studies oriented monographs.  I'm casting the net toward 
the entire area of cultural production around Film and possibly TV.  This 
message jsut to add to Hyungil's request.  I imagine there are other out 
there contemplating such courses or who have developed courses from which 
they might wish to share some ideas so we don't have to go out and repeat 
mistakes.  Thanks,

Mike Robinson
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Subject: [KS] film/drama class suggestions

> Dear members,
> I am in the process of developing a class on Korean film and TV  drama. I 
> would appreciate recommendations for new books, articles,   and 
> appropriate films for an introductory class targetted for  undergrads who 
> are majoring in East Asian studies. I would also like  to know about web 
> sites and contact info for vendors who sell DVDs or  videos. Sources on 
> the Korean Wave phenomena and its cultural impact  on Japan, China and 
> other countries would also be appreciate either  in English or Korean. 
> Thank you.

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