[KS] Officially condoned cultural vandalism

rupert rupert at aks.ac.kr
Tue Sep 13 02:06:40 EDT 2005

When I lived in Bucheon (it was 'Puchon' when I moved in and 'Bucheon' when I left), there was a small village slightly south that I used to go through to find something green, like, you know, trees. At some point, construction moved in and demolished the village, and not only that, they removed a whole hill to make space for a big appartment complex. One day, I noticed lots of old furniture of the village had been piled up along with all kinds of scrap wood and thought to myself, "I'll go back and get some of that." So back I go to find a pile of ashes. Also, the trees I liked were next to a little resovoir where people used to go fishing. On Sundays the two-lane winding country road was often quite busy so some bright spark had the idea to build a four lane dual carriageway straight through. Now, you can't get to the lake as there is no turn-off and that carriageway is empty as it goes nowhere - or perhaps it is waiting for a million more appartments to fill it up. 

I no longer live in Bucheon - I am near Pangyo - and I am getting Deja Vu all over again.

Rupert Atkinson

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