[KS] 6th Korean Film Festival at UI (Sept. 23rd(Fri)-25th(Sun))

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Fri Sep 16 05:58:14 EDT 2005

 Dear all,

 As the program director, I proudly present the 6th annual Korean Film Festival
 at University of Iowa, entitled, "TWO DIRECTORS: A MAJOR RETROSPECTIVE 
 OF KIM JEE-WOON & YIM PHIL-SUNG," to be held next week from September 
 23rd(Fri) to 25th(Sat) at 101 BCSB. 

 As the first and major retrospective in the Midwest devoted to all films
 (except only one short) by these two extremely talented contemporary 
 Korean filmmakers, it will offer 5 feature films including their most recent features
 <A Bittersweet Life> (2005) and <Antarctic Journal> (2005)(4 of which will
 be in gorgeous 35mm print), and 5 shorts.

 Most important, both Kim and Yim will be present throughout the festival
 and at the roundtable discussion on Saturday evening (6:30PM) where
 they will answer questions and provide fresh thoughts on their own films. 

 If you have any questions(e.g. lodging), feel free to ask me (or ailerouge at hanmail.net)


 Kwak Yung Bin
 Program Directer of Korean Film Festival at UI
 (since 2001-)
 Ph.D. Candidate, Film Studies
 Dept. of Cinema and Comparative Literature
 University of Iowa
 O) 319-335-3849 
 p.s. Attached is an unedited version of press release for further info. 

 6th Korean Film Festival at University of Iowa in 2005

 WHEN: Sep. 23rd(Fri)- 25th(Sun)
 WHERE: 101 Becker Communication Studies Building (BCSB) at Iowa City, Iowa
 FEE: Free
 NOTE: Babysitters will be present.

 23rd(Fri) 5:30PM <Antarctic Journal> (dir. Yim Phil-sung, 2005, 115min, A Special DVD)
               8:00PM <A Bittersweet Life> (dir. Kim Jee-woon, 2005, 119min, 35mm) 

 24th(Sat)10:00AM Short Films 

                           <Sonyeon-gi> (dir. Yim Phil-sung, 1998, 23min, VHS)
                           <Baby>(dir. Yim Phil-sung, 1999, 39min, 35mm) 
                           <Mobil>(dir. Yim Phil-sung, 2004, 19min, VHS)
                           <Coming Out>(dir. Kim Jee-woon, 2001, 45min, DVD)
                           <Memories>(dir. Kim Jee-woon, 2002, 39min, DVD)

               1:30 PM <The Foul King>(dir. Kim Jee-woon, 2000, 112min, 35mm) 

               4:00 PM <A Tale of Two Sisters>(dir. Kim Jee-woon, 2005, 115min, 35mm) 

               6:30 PM A Roundtable Discussion with Kim Jee-woon & Yim Phil-sung
                             (Moderator: Kwak Yung-bin, Program Organizer, Film Studies, UI)  

 25th(Sun)1:30 PM <The Quiet Family>(dir. Kim Jee-woon, 1998, 106min, 35mm) 

 Sponsors of the festival include: 
 International Writing Program (IWP)
 Freeman Foundation
 Center for Asian and Pacific Studies (CAPS)
 Institute for Cinema and Culture (ICC) 

 More info on films to be screened, visit www.digitdream.com/kolors
 (* This website will be ready by early next week)

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