[KS] Conference announcement „China’s Korea policy and cooperation between China, South Korea and North Korea“

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Dear colleagues, 
  please note the following conference announcement: 
  Programme of the conference „China’s Korea policy and cooperation between China, South Korea and North Korea“
  Date: September 1st, 2006  09:30~16:30
  Place: Yanji Hotel in Yanji, China
  Organizer: Institute of Peace Affairs (IPA), Seoul; Institute of Northeast Asia, Yanbian University
  Sponsors: Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea, Korean Ministry of Unification
  09:30 Uhr Opening remarks: Prof. Dr. Kim, Byung-Min (President, Yanbian University)
  Hyun, Kyung-Dae (President, IPA)
  Opening statements:             Prof. Dr. Kim, Gang-Il (Yanbian University, Director of the Institute of Northeast Asia)
  Manfred Ach, Member of the Bavarian Parliament, Chairman of the Financial Committee 
  Congratulatory address: Dr. Rainer Gepperth, HSS, Director of the Institute for International Contact and Cooperation
  Speech:                        Lee, Bong-Jo, Former State secretary, Ministry of Unification of South Korea
                                      „Peace in Northeast Asia and cooperation between China, South Korea and 
                                      North Korea“ 
  10:00 Uhr                    Session 1:                                    China’s Korea policy today and in the future
                                      Moderator:       Kim, Myung-Soo (Vice president, IPA)
  Paper 1: Dr. Kang, Yong-Bom, Dean, Faculty for Humanities, Yanbian University
   „Actual state and future tasks of China’s Korea policy“
  Discussants: Prof. Dr. Park, Hong, President of the Foundation of the Sogang University
  Prof. Dr. Jeon, Shin-Wook, Sokyung University
  Dr. Kim, Jong-Kuk, Director, Research society for social sciences, Yanji
  Paper 2: Prof. Dr. Kim, Song-Yun, Dean, Fakulty for Law and Politics, Dankook University
   „What can China do to enhance relations between North and South Korea?“ 
  Discussants: Dr. Chung, Se-Hyon, former Minister of Unification, South Korea
  Prof. Dr. Son, Dong-Shik, former president, Yanbian University
  11:30 Uhr                    Lunch  13:30 Uhr                    Session 2            Economic cooperation between China, South Korea and 
  North Korea and perspectives for economic development 
  Moderator: Prof. Dr. Kim, Hwa-Lim, Yanbian Universität
  Paper 3: Dr. Woo, Kyung-Shik, guest professor, Hanyang University
   „Characteristics of economic cooperation between China, South Korea and North Korea and their impact on the inner-Korean relations“ 
  Discussants: Prof. Dr. Lee, Chong-Gwang, California State University, Prof. Dr. Lee, Jong-Lim, Yanbian University
  Paper 4: Prof. Dr. Park, Sung-Hon, Yanbian University
  „Chinese investment in North Korea and their future prospects“
  Discussants: Park, Sang-Chan, former guest professor, Gangrung University
  Prof. Dr. Shim, Uk-Lang, Yanbian University of Science and Technology
                                                              Dr. Bernhard Seliger, Representative, HSS Korea
  15:00 Uhr                                            coffee break
  15:30 Uhr                                            Round Table

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