[KS] diplomatic relations with the DPRK

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This is a bit late, but here are dates from the Choson Taebaekkwa Sajon 
(2001, vol. 18)

Russia            19481012
Mongolia	19481015
Poland	         19481016
Romania	        19481026
Yugoslavia	19481030
Hungary	        19481111
Bulgaria	  19481129
Albania	          19490517
China	          19491006

Czech and Slovak Republics are given as 19930101, and Germany as 20030301

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>Dear Viktoriya,
>   thank you so much for your quick reply! Unfortunately, my computer made 
>the Cyrillic characters illegible, and so I could not check the named 
>website. What you write is very interesting. The DPRK was proclaimed on 9 
>September 1948. Did the establishment of Soviet-DPRK diplomatic relations 
>occur as late as one month after this date? In addition, I find it a bit 
>strange that the encyclopedia gives "8-12th," rather than a single day, as 
>the date of this act. May you or some other list member have an 
>   All the best and thanks again,
>   Balazs
>   Regarding your request I may let you know the date of  establishment of 
>diplomatic relations between USSR and DPRK. It was on the 8-12th of October 
>1948. After this the relations were spoiled in 1961 because of the 
>relations with China but they were not stopped.
>   You may have this information at the following page.
>   Hope it’ll be useful for you.
>   Best regards,
>   Viktoriya
>   Ph.D. Student
>   National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv
>Balazs Szalontai <aoverl at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:     Dear All,
>   I would like to have a question to the list members if possible. I need 
>precise information (year, month, day) about the dates of the establishment 
>of diplomatic relations between the DPRK and the following Communist 
>countries: Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and 
>Albania. (In the case of Mongolia, the PRC and East Germany, the dates were 
>15 October 1948, 6 October 1949 and 7 November 1949 respectively.)
>   Thank you so much in advance,
>   Dr. Balazs Szalontai
>   National University of Mongolia
>   Department of Political Science
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