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Dear Mr. Duggan,
  thank you so much for your assistance! The information on Yugoslavia is particularly interesting for me, since the recognition of the DPRK by Yugoslavia certainly occurred after the Stalin-Tito split. To my knowledge, no actual diplomatic relationship existed between the two countries until the early 1970s, i.e., after the normalization of Sino-Yugoslav relations. It seems that the Yugoslav government wanted to demonstrate its devotion to Communism (and thus refute Stalin's charges) by recognizing the DPRK (and later, in 1950, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam). Still, these Yugoslav initiatives were at first rebuffed by Pyongyang and Hanoi, probably mainly because neither the DPRK nor the DRV wanted to offend the Soviets.
  May someone tell me when did the DPRK establish diplomatic relationship with Czechoslovakia? Alas, the Czech-Slovak split has made such investigation quite difficult, but some pre-1989 source may include the date. Are there pre-1989 editions of the Choson Taebaekkwa Sajon available?
  All the best,

  This is a bit late, but here are dates from the Choson Taebaekkwa Sajon 
(2001, vol. 18)

Russia 19481012
Mongolia 19481015
Poland 19481016
Romania 19481026
Yugoslavia 19481030
Hungary 19481111
Bulgaria 19481129
Albania 19490517
China 19491006

Czech and Slovak Republics are given as 19930101, and Germany as 20030301

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