[KS] North and South Korea's Economic Data

Ruediger Frank rfrank at koreanstudies.de
Tue Feb 7 03:05:45 EST 2006

Dear Mr. Wilson,

the main institutions offering this kind of information (time series) are:

National Statistical Office: www.nso.go.kr (KOSIS Database etc.)
The Bank of Korea: www.bok.or.kr (ECOS Database)

The others copy these data, but also provide their own, specialized statistics:

The Ministry of Finance and Economy: www.mofe.go.kr
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade: www.mofat.go.kr
Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency: www.kotra.or.kr
Ministry of National Unification: www.unikorea.go.kr
Korea Institute for National Unification: www.kinu.or.kr
etc. etc. etc.

The Kyungnam University Institute for Far Eastern Studies: http://ifes.kyungnam.ac.kr/ 
offers high-quality research on NK (see also http://icnk.or.kr/).

The BOK and KOTRA have interesting sections on NK, too, although I have no idea how one 
can assume to have even the slightest idea of the NK GDP. But since there is a demand for 
this kind of data, there of course is also a supply. I find the detailedness of, for 
example, sectoral growth data highly misleading, since it pretends a depth of knowledge on 
that country's economy that we simply don't have, as much as we would like to.


Ruediger Frank

Roland Wilson wrote:
> Hello.  I was wondering of anyone from this great group would know where 
> I could find the GDP, Annual Growth Rate %, and the per capita income 
> for North and South Korea from 1995-2005 (10 years)?  I know the 
> information in North Korea may be less than 100% accurate, but anything 
> would be of great help.
> I would greatly appreciate you assistance.
> Regards,
> Roland Wilson

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