[KS] North and South Korea's Economic Data

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The most common data used for North Korean GDP is actually published by 
South Korea's Bank of Korea  ( http://www.bok.or.kr/index.jsp  You may have 
to search for North Korea GDP on May 31st, 2005 release).  This data is a 
very rough estimate based on production data given BOK by South Korean 
intelligence services.  I'd be surprised if it is within 50 percent accuracy 
range on the level of GDP and have no confidence in the growth rate.

It is convienent because it is easily compared to the Bank of Korea's 
official data for South Korea, in the same chart. Unfortunately it is 
production side accounting, not the more useful expenditure side we are used 

CIA's Factbook (google it) also has estimates for NK GDP but these are much 
larger than BoK's. They seem too large for a country with massive 

Actually, I am doing a study trying to figure out what is best data to use 
and am rather intrigued by a few numbers put out a few years ago by UNDP, 
based on data given them by North Korea. Does anyone know if these have been 

Of course the best choice would be to ask North Korea why it tolerates the 
humiliation of  other countries making up its GDP.  Why don't they do it 
themselves? I don't have such access; maybe someone here does.

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Hello.  I was wondering of anyone from this great group would know where I 
could find the GDP, Annual Growth Rate %, and the per capita income for 
North and South Korea from 1995-2005 (10 years)?  I know the information in 
North Korea may be less than 100% accurate, but anything would be of great 

I would greatly appreciate you assistance.


Roland Wilson

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