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Mon Feb 13 00:21:15 EST 2006

Dear Colleagues,

The February meeting of the Chousenshi Kenkyuukai will be held Saturday,
February 18, at the Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo. This month's
speakers, who will present in Japanese, are below.

Research Presentation:
Koshidomae Hiroshige.  "The Patriotic Enlightenment Movement in the
Provinces: Focusing on the Activities of the Patriotic Enlightenment Group
Branch Association"

Book Review:
Yi KyOngmin. "Hanguk chOnjaeng," by Pak T'aegyun (Seoul: Ch'aek kwa
hamkke, 2005).

The meeting will begin at 1:30 pm in the Akamon Sougou Kenkyuuto, Room
738. The University of Tokyo is located near the Hongo San-chome station.
For further information, please contact Ken Robinson.

Ken Robinson

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