[KS] Querry: Sin Ch'aeho and Taejonggyo

vladimir.tikhonov at ikos.uio.no vladimir.tikhonov at ikos.uio.no
Tue Jul 18 02:27:33 EDT 2006

Maybe you should look, for example, at Yi Ulho's paper, "Tanjae sahak e
issOsO Ui Tan'gun munje" (Tanjae Sin Ch'aeho sOnsaeng 100 chunyOn kinyOn
nonjip, 1980), or in the works by ChOng YOnghun - for example, "Taejonggyo
wa Tan'gun minjokchuUi" (Tan'gunhak yOn'gu, 10, 2004)? Of course, there
are references in the standard biography of Sin Ch'aeho by Ch'oe Honggyu,
and in the standard work on Sin's ideas by Sin Ilch'Ol, but they seem to
be quite brief.

Vladimir Tikhonov

> Dear Korean Studies Specialists:
> I am interested in looking into connections between the colonial period
> historian Sin Ch'aeho (1880-1936) and his reputed affiliation with
> Taejonggyo.  Does anyone know secondary studies that treat this aspect of
> Sin's life?
> Richard McBride
> Washington University in St. Louis
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