[KS] Seeking Info for Tonghak/Chondogyo Conference

George L Kallander glkallan at maxwell.syr.edu
Thu Jul 27 11:16:53 EDT 2006

Dear Colleagues:

I’m forwarding the message below from Professor Yong Choon Kim from the University of Rhode Island.  If you have any information on the subject, please contact Professor Kim directly at yongkim at uri.edu].  

George Kallander

Assistant Professor of Modern East Asian History
Department of History
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Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
Syracuse University
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Dear Fellow Scholars on Tonghak (Donghak)/Chondogyo:

International Conference on Donghak Revolution will be held in Seoul on 9/12/06. It is a review of the studies on Donghak and Donghak Revolution throughout the world. I was asked to speak about “the Studies of Donghak and Donghak Revolution in the English Speaking Countries.”  I need to analyze and evaluate doctoral and masters’ dissertations, books, and articles related to my topic. If you or others that you know have done works in the area of my concern, please contact me ASAP, sending your/their email addresses, the titles of the works, and reference sources, etc.
I have contact with several scholars (Bell, Kallander, Carl Young, and Beirne) already and collected some materials from them. I already have some materials of Weems, Noh Jung-sun, Kim Chong-suh, and Chung Chai-shik.  However, when I searched Dissertation Abstract site on internet, I found c. ten more who wrote doctoral or master’s thesis on D/C in English. They are: Rhee, Heng Dong; Jun, Hyun-Shik; Kim, Dongno; Chung, Tae-shin; Cho, Chan-rai; Nagano, Shinichiro; Yoon, Hyung-sook; Kim, Han-gu; Chung, Kiyul; An, Sang Jin.  I found most of them in KEY (Tonghak) and some in KEY (Donghak). If you are one of these scholars or if you know them, please contact me immediately, providing your/their email addresses so that I may contact to get some information. 
Your help will be deeply appreciated.
Yong Choon Kim
Professor Emeritus
Department of Philosophy
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881  USA
Tel: (O) 401-874-2208
Fax:       401-874-2945
Email: yongkim at uri.edu

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