[KS] New AKSE website online

Ruediger Frank rfrank at koreanstudies.de
Thu Jul 27 02:39:50 EDT 2006

Dear list,

I am please to announce that finally, the new version of the AKSE (Association for Korean 
Studies in Europe) website is out and can be visited at the usual place: 

The technical features are amazing and go far beyond my own abilities, so all praise 
should go to Krisztian P. Kaszás who, with financial support from AKSE, invested a lot of 
time and effort. I am, however, the responsible AKSE council member; this means that all 
errors are mine and criticism as well as suggestions should be directed to me 
(ruediger.frank at univie.ac.at)

Needless to say that all comments are welcome.

Oh, and once you visit the new website: Don't forget the deadline for submissions for the 
next AKSE conference (April 16-20, Dourdan near Paris; send to Yannick Bruneton) and the 
deadline for AKSE newsletter contributions (send to James Grayson).

With my best wishes from HOT Vienna (36 degrees Celsius, and rising)

Ruediger Frank

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