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Mon Jun 12 16:38:21 EDT 2006

Next year, Anchor Books, a paperback division of Knopf, will publish an 
anthology in which titans of international literature, including Wole Soyinka, 
Naguib Mahfouz and Jose Saramago, will recommend new international writers who 
are not yet known to readers of English. The book will be called “Words 
Without Borders: The World Through the Eyes of Writers.”

Included in this volume will be Jo Kyung-ran’s “Looking for the Elephant,” 
translated by Heinz Insu Fenkl (author of “Memories of My Ghost Brother” and 
co-editor, with Walter Lew, of “Kori: the Beacon Anthology of Korean American 
Fiction”); the story will include an introduction by Don Lee (editor of the 
literary journal “Ploughshares” and author of “Country of Origin”). The volume 
is slated for publication during the PEN World Voices Festival in late April 
of 2007.

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  Brother Anthony <ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr> wrote:
> Members of the list might want to know that the veteran playwright Cha 
>Bum-suk died on June 6. An obituary can be seen in the Korea Times at 
> The KLTI informs me that arrangements have been made to publish an improved 
>version of EastBridge's "20th-Century Korean Literature" that I announced 
>recently, but I have no news of the publication date.
> Princeton University Press have announced the publication early in July of 
>"Enough to Say It's Far : Selected Poems of Pak Chaesam" translated by David 
>R. McCann and Jiwon Shin (it's already available for pre-order at 
>Amazon.com). It will be in cheap paperback as well as in expensive hard 
> On Thursday June 29 in Ewha Womens University, Seoul, there will be a KLTI / 
>Ewha-organized workshop about the qualities that are desirable when 
>publishing translations of (Korean) literature, with representatives of 
>publishers from several countries, but the anticipated American speaker will 
>not be coming so there will be no speaker from the English-speaking world. 
>However, the afternoon program anticipates an open discussion on the topic 
>among translators, divided according to language, from 2pm until 3:40, then a 
>collective round-table debate from 4 pm, so it is to be hoped that all 
>translators of Korean literature into English who may be present in Seoul on 
>that day will attend so that I have a session to chair and some people ready 
>to make interesting remarks. KLTI have redesigned their home page at 
>http://www.ltikorea.net/ but this event is not yet announced on it.
> I would be grateful if I could hear news of newly published translations of 
>Korean literature, for addition to my list at 
>http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/TranslationList.htm . I cannot believe that 
>so little has appeared, after the more than 30 titles published last year!
> Brother Anthony
> Sogang University, Seoul
> http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/

Heinz Insu Fenkl

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