[KS] Photos of early feminists

Matty Wegehaupt omatty at umich.edu
Thu Jun 15 20:23:34 EDT 2006

Offering apologies in advance if these may not be suitable for your 
needs, Prof. Robinson, I can nevertheless point to two pictures that 
might offer guidance pointing towards what you may ultimately be 

-the Empas encyclopedia has a rather stunning photo of Na Hyeseok:

-Naver news offers a photo of Kim Wonju in her later incarnation as 
Ilyeop Seunim:

In addition, I thought I could use Prof. Robinson's inquiry as an 
opportunity to point listserv readers towards two websites that may be 
of interest to other scholars of gender and early modern Korean history 
who are looking for multimedia materials.

The first is the website http://newwoman.culturecontent.com - a private 
endeavor providing a rather entertaining and in-depth investigation 
into the world of the "New Women." This sight also has some pictures of 
Na Hyeseok and her husband.

Second, is the "Women's History Knowledge System" 
(http://www.womenshistory.re.kr:7070/), a site with a wide variety of 
multimedia materials, both historic and contemporary.

I hope readers will find these materials helpful.

-matty wegehaupt-

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