[KS] Announcement: AKSE conference 2007

Marion Eggert marion.eggert at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Wed Jun 28 10:31:45 EDT 2006

The following announcement is sent on behalf of AKSE president Alexandre 


*16-20 APRIL 2007*


The Association for Korean Studies in Europe invites you to attend its 
23rd Biennale Conference, to be held in France, at Dourdan (50 km south 
of Paris), 16-20 April 2007. The Conference will be organized in 
cooperation with the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales 
(EHESS) Paris, and with the support of the Academy of Korean Studies 
(AKS). At the same time, the AKSE will commemorate the 30th year of its 
foundation (1977-2007).

Those who wish to present a paper at the conference should *send the 
title of the proposed paper and a summary of approximately 1000 words 
(in English, Korean, French or German), plus a bibliography, and state 
the Subject Area* (i.e. Pre-modern History, Modern History, Modern 
Korean Society, Religions and Philosophy, Linguistics, Anthropology and 
Folklore, Literature, and Arts and Archaeology).

*A preferential treatment will be granted to those who apply for a panel 
*(minimum 3 presenters) presented by a Panel Organizer. Please indicate 
the Panel Title, Key words, Panel abstract, Panel presenters (and 
discussant), Affiliation and summaries of papers (with Title and key 

*Deadline for receiving proposals: 31 August 2006*

*As a Word e-mail attachment to: akse2007 at yahoo.com*

You may also send the summary by mail *and* by fax to the Secretary of 

Dr. Yannick BRUNETON



22, avenue du President Wilson


Tél. / Fax: + 33 (0)1 53 70 18 76

Please, use the following *format for your proposal:*

_Times New Roman font, interlinear space 1.5, 12 point type with 2.5 cm 

Those who have sent in a proposal will be notified by October 2006 
whether it has been accepted or not. If a paper is accepted the full 
text should be sent to the Secretary before the 10th of February 2007.


*16-20 APRIL, 2007*

Please announce your intention to participate by e-mail or mail. If you 
do not propose to present a paper but nevertheless want to take part in 
the conference, please announce your intention to participate by e-mail 
(preferably) or normal mail (address as above).

*1. I intend to attend the 2007 AKSE Conference at Dourdan*

NAME (in block letters, underscore your surname):

Title: Prof., Dr., Mr., Ms.

Academic Affiliation and Address:

Postal Address (if different from above):

E-mail Address:

Telephone (work):

Telephone (home): Fax:

*2. I would like to present a panel / a paper at the 2007 Biennial 

NAME and Title:

/*The Second Notice will only be sent to those who have responded to 
this First Notice*/

Further information on the conference will be supplied in due time

on the AKSE Homepage:

_http://www.akse.uni-kiel-de <http://www.akse.uni-kiel-de/>_

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