[KS] War cemeteries in North Korea

Heonik Kwon hkwon at skynet.be
Thu Jun 29 14:32:23 EDT 2006

Hi there,

I am an anthropologist teaching in Edinburgh University, Scotland, and doing a project called 'Cold War Culture' at the ESRC, partly looking at the excavation of the Korean War mass graves (combatants and civilian victims) currently active in parts of South Korea. Doing this project, I have been curious about war cemeteries and other burial places of war casualties in North Korea. I have never been in NK but talked to many who have; I've looked everywhere I could think of to get some information about NK's commemorative material culture to do with the fallen soldiers. But so far I have found no traces in NK which we can consider as something equivalent to the war cemeteries in western Flander or, for that matter, the national war cemetery in Seoul or Taejun in South Korea. 

Does anyone in the community know anything written on this matter? Has anyone seen a war cemetery in North Korea? 

Many thanks,

heonik kwon
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