[KS] A Question about pukkando

Andriy Ryzhkov andy_kim at ukr.net
Thu May 11 03:31:55 EDT 2006

Greetings, Mark an other members!
As for Pukkando, 
>From period of Chong country this term was used to regard
non-habitant area which was located between Chong and Choson. 
Thus it is a metonymic comparison with abondoned island.   

Ryzhkov Andriy

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Greetings islanders and half-islanders,

All this chatter about bando brings another question to my mind, and
that is the etymology of Pukkando -- the term for Manchuria.  It's is
"north" "space" "island" -- and how did that come about?  There is
nothing of an island in that northern space.

This is probably a simple question the answer to which many of you
know, and maybe I just ought to go look it up; but I think it might
contribute to this discussion on "half-islands".


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