[KS] Animals in Korean myth, folklore, and religions

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You've probably heard about "Su-gung-ga" (aka "to-ggi-jeon"), one of the major pansori stories,
based on the ancient Indian Panchatantra tale. I did a dramatization of the story and wrote a long
afterword on its development through the centuries. If you consider goblins a species of animal, a
dramatization and background history of "Hokbburi Yeong-gam" is available. Both of these are in A
YANG FOR EVERY YIN, which you can purchase at 


I can also just send you a copy if you can't handle Seoul Selection's handling charges. Let me
know if you want me to.

Good luck with your class!

John Holstein

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> Barbara,
> The best text is Zong In-sob's "Folk Tales from Korea." There are plenty of 
> rabbit, turtle, fox, and tiger stories in it.
> Also check out my Korean Folktales page (on my main page, below), which has 
> several fox stories and the Green Frog story.
> http://www.geocities.com/gnoth7/fenklpage.html
> -HIF
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> > I am designing an undergraduate course on animals in East Asian myth, 
> >folklore, and religions.  I found plenty of materials on China and Japan, but 
> >I'm having trouble finding sources on Korea.  Does anyone have any 
> >suggestions?  Since it is an undergraduate course, the readings would have to 
> >be in English.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Barbara Ambros
> > University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
> > bambros at email.unc.edu
> > 
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