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Mon Nov 27 11:53:06 EST 2006

While struck by the comment that Korean writing might be "littered with
hanja," particularly as I so frequently observe the "ryuugakusei"
(hanja: 留学生) at my university poring over their textbooks, leafing throug
h their dictionaries and writing their short "sakubun" (hanja: 作文) for lan
guage class, I thought that some might find these articles in a journal devo
ted to Yi Sang studies to be of interest. I do not recall if the footnotes l
ead to additional English translations.

Gardner, William O.  "The Country Without a Shape: Spatial and Temporal
Limits in the Poetry of Yi Sang and Ogata Kamenosuke."  Yi Sang ribyu 4
(2005): 221-249.

Kim, Jina E.  "A Traveler's Modernity: The Ordinariness of Everyday Space
in Yi Sang's Essays from Tokyo."  Yi Sang ribyu 4 (2005): 251-274.

Lew, Walter.   "Jean Cocteau in the Looking Glass: A Homotextual Reading
of Yi Sang's Mirror Poems."  Yi Sang ribyu 1 (2001): 225-281.

Lew, Walter.  "Yi Sang."  Yi Sang ribyu 2 (2003): 169-180.

(My apologies to all if the Chinese characters above reached your computer
screens in garbled form.)

An important question is raised here, however, for the language
specialists on this list and not on this list: When will hanja be
universally restored to Korean language classes for non-heritage learners
and (for) heritage learners?

Ken Robinson

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