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Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Tue Sep 12 21:58:22 EDT 2006

The replies received so far are very welcome. Regarding Kaneko Fumiko, there is a very interesting essay 
online: Hélène Bowen Raddeker, “Resistance to Difference” (on Kaneko Fumiko) in Intersections, Issue 7, 
2002, http://wwwsshe.murdoch.edu.au/intersections/ issue7/raddeker.html#n7  The online pages about the 
recent KBS 'faction drama' devoted to her stress that the Japanese authorities still refuse to give access 
to vital documents concerning her, and the mystery about the origin of that photo of the two anarchists 
seemingly lounging sensuously at ease in prison has not been solved, either. I will get in touch with the 
lecturer named on the Independence site.

I would really like to have a clearer picture of the events surrounding their arrest. On the one hand, they 
seem to have been picked up like many Koreans and anarchists etc after the earthquake (those who had not 
been lynched on the spot by raging mobs) and accused of causing the earthquake by their impure presence. On 
the other hand (my main focus) before the earthquake they had been preparing a plot to blow up the Crown 
Prince during his wedding, for which they had obtained explosives. That plot seems to have been reported to 
the authorities and they were subsequently sentenced to death, I think, for that (why were they later 
pardoned?). My real aim in this is to find a text (written after Korean Independence, obviously) in which 
Park Yol/Ryeol says he told the Japanese prosecutors that the explosives had been obtained in Manchuria but 
that really they had been brought from Shanghai by Choi Beom-sul (the Ven Hyodang). I will try to get a 
copy of the <Sin Choson hyongmyongnon> in case it has something . . .

Onward . . .

Brother Anthony
Sogang University, Seoul

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