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Dear list members,

Professor Anthony mentioned my grant program in his "Recent Publications". I greatly thank him for his reminding. The due date of application is by September 28. Please visit: http://www.aks.ac.kr/eng_home/main/main.asp
You will see a pop-up and find "A new Multi-year Grant. This new grant is composed of the three: Book Writing, Translation, and Publication Subsidy.

This aims to support long term projects. One of the major goasl of this program is to support Korean studies through these various projects. For this purpose, the detailed budget structure of these programs are relatively flexibole. 

The institutions or editors selected this year will be able to be supported upto the next ten years. After this selection, no new applications will be available if the selected institutions or editors do their responsibility successfully. Thus, any interested scholars or institutions are strongly encouraged to read the application guidelines and to apply for this grant THIS YEAR.

If you have any questions about the above programs or other programs of Strategic Initiative for Korean Studies, please do not hesitate to contact me at siks at aks.ac.kr

Strategic Initiative for Korean Studies is a newly launched "grant program" with annual budget of four and half million USD supported by the Ministry of Education, ROK. The Ministry of Education and I are discussing things to increase the annual budget from 4.5 millions of 2007 to 20 millions (from 2008). I hear that the possibility is very high. If you have any long term research agenda for Korean studies, please let me listen to your sincere advice. If you read Korean, you may read about SIKS as Brother Anthony mentioned below, www.aks.ac.kr/info/siks. 

with best regards,
Do Hyun

Do Hyun Han, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
Director,Strategic Initiative for Korean Studies
Academy of Korean Studies
50 Unjung-dong, Bundang, Seongnam City
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 463-791

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>> From: Brother Anthony <ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr>
>> To: Korean Studies Discussion List <Koreanstudies at koreaweb.ws>
>> Date: 2007-08-04 11:03:16
>> Subject: [KS] Recent publications
>> 1. I have a feeling that there must have been more publications of 
>> English translations of Korean literature in the last 2 years than those 
>> I have seen. Here is my list. PLEASE tell me if I have missed something. 
>> The fact that most of the books are poetry is especially problematic in 
>> the eyes of Korea's cultural authorities, in view of the greater 
>> popularity / significance of fiction in today's world. It's partly my 
>> fault, I fear . . . (List from 
>> http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/TranslationList.htm  )
>> Fiction
>> 2007
>> I Have the Right to Destroy Myself 김영하 Kim Young-Ha  Trans. Chi-Young 
>> Kim  Harvest Books
>> Toy City 장난감 도시  이동하 Lee Dong-ha Trans. Chi-Young Kim  Koryo Press
>> Poetry
>> 2007
>> Azaleas: A Book of Poems 김소월 Kim So-Wol Trans. David McCann Columbia 
>> University
>> Fiction
>> 2006
>> 난장이가 쏘아올린 작은 공  The Dwarf 조세희 Cho Se-hui Trans. Bruce and 
>> Ju-Chan Fulton University of Hawai갽i Press Modern Korean Fiction
>> The Dog Thief 임철우 Chul-Woo Lim Trans. Myung-Hee Kim Tamal Vista
>> 마른 꽃 Weathered Blossom 박완서 Park Wan-suh Trans. Yu Youngnan Hollym 
>> (bilingual, illustrated short story series)
>> 봉순이 언니 My Sister Bogsoon 공지영 Gong Ji-yeong Trans.  Park Jung-eun 
>>   Mosaic
>> Poetry
>> 2006
>> 순간의 꽃  Flowers of a Moment 고은 Ko Un Trans.  Brother Anthony /Kim 
>> Young-Moo /Gary G. Gach BOA Editions
>> Eyes of Dew 마종기 Chonggi Mah Trans.  Brother Anthony White Pine Press
>> Journey to Seoul 김광규 Kim Kwang-Kyu Trans. Brother Anthony 답게 DapGae 
>> (Seoul)
>> Enough to Say It's Far 박재삼 Pak Chaesam Trans. David R. McCann /Jiwon 
>> Shin Princeton University Press
>> The Three Way Tavern  고은 Ko Un Trans.  Clare You /Richard Silberg U 
>> California Press
>> Abiding Places, Korea South & North 고은 Ko Un Trans.  Sunny Jung 
>> /Hillel Schwartz Tupelo Press
>> Anxiety of Words: Contemporary Poetry by Korean Women 최성자 Ch갽oe 
>> Sung-ja  김혜순 Kim Hyesoon 이년주 Yi Yon-ju Trans.  Don Mee Choi Zephyr 
>> Press
>> On an Autumn Night: Classical Korean Poetry in Translation Trans. 
>> Richard Mayer  Seoul: Jiagu
>> The Book of Korean Poetry: Songs of Shilla and Koryo Trans.  Kevin 
>> O갽Rourke University Of Iowa
>> Prose
>> 2006
>> 날개 없는 새 짝이 되어  My Husband the Poet  목순옥 Mok Sun-ok Trans. 
>> Brother Anthony Seoul Selection
>> 2) Is everyone aware of the big project for (re)translating Korean 
>> classics into English launched fairly recently by the Academy of Korean 
>> Studies? (see http://www.aks.ac.kr/info/siks/ ) the applications are due 
>> from August 28 up to September 10
>> Brother Anthony
>> Sogang University, Seoul
>> http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/

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