[KS] Korean Language Books in the USA

kevin parks kevin at macosx.com
Sun Aug 19 10:44:39 EDT 2007


I have heard that some recent avenues for acquiring Korean books have 
opened up via the internet. I know about Koryobooks.com, but I can't 
seem to work their web site no matter what browser I use. It seems that 
the Korean letters are broken even if I change the encoding and reload 
the page. Ugh.

I have had success using http://www.aladdin.co.kr/ here in Seoul. I have 
heard that they now have an LA based office and sell in the USA as well, 
but I cannot seem to find the home page for that.

Has anyone had any success buying Korean language books on-line with 
Aladdin or any other service (in the USA)?


Kevin Parks

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