[KS] The ‘Saeteomin’ of Korea and European Migration Experiences

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Dear list members, 
  migration is one of the many looming problems after Korean unification. Please feel invited to a conference discussing these issues in depths. 
  Yours truly, 
  Bernhard Seliger
  Resident Representative
  Hanns Seidel Foundygion
  Title: The ‘Saeteomin’ of Korea and European Migration ExperiencesThe ‘Saeteomin’ of Korea and European Migration Experiences
  2PM, 13th December , 2007
  2F, Eduwell Center Bd., 
   Seoul National University of Education
  Co-organizers: Hanns Seidel Stiftung in Seoul, Seoul ASEM Institute for International Relations
  8Time : 2PM, 13th December (Thu), 2007
  8Place : 2F, Eduwell Center, Seoul National University of Education
  14:00-14:30   Registration 
  14:30-15:20   Opening Session 
  Opening address : Prof. Dr. ChangHoon LEE(President, SeoulASEM Institute for International Relations, Chair Professor, Seoul National of Education)
  Congratulatory address: Dr. KwangYong SONG(President, Seoul National of University Education)
  Key-note speech : 
  “The present status of “Saeteomin” and the Korean Reunification”
  Dr. SeHyun JEONG(Ex-Minister, Ministry of Unification)
  “Unification, the income gap and migration in Germany and Korea” 
  Dr. Bernard Seliger(Hanns Seidel Stiftung in Seoul)
  Chair :  Prof. Dr. HoSung KIM(Seoul National University of Education)
  Papers : 
  “Migration and regional development between West and East Germany after unification”
  Prof. Dr. Peter Jurczek, Chemnitz Technical University
  “The Socio-psychological Changes of North Korean Defectors” 
  Prof. Dr. Soon-Hyung Yi, Seoul National University
  "Interculturality : Problems and Solutions"
  Prof. Dr. SungJo PARK(Chair Professor,Donga University, Korea) 
  Discussants : Mr. Tadashi TAMAKI(NIKKEI, ASEM Institute), Prof. Dr. JongWon LEE(Suwon University), Mr. Philippe de Chabaud Latour(President, Seric Coree)

Dr. Bernhard Seliger

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